OV Wildcard SSL Certificates

OV Wildcard SSL certificates are boon for enterprises that shower benefit of unlimited subdomains protection while improving customers’ trust and credibility. It is also named as business validation SSL that is best wildcard SSL certificates for securing eCommerce platforms, online sites carrying the number of subdomains. Business Validation SSL certificates are effectively useful when you want to secure your primary domain as well its first level of subdomains like *.domain.com can secure blog.domain.com, mail.domain.com.

Organization Validation Wildcard SSL Providers

Brand NameProduct NameValidationWarrantyPriceMore Details
SSL.com Wildcard CertificateDomain + Business$1,250,000 USD$254.15/yr.Details
Register.com Wildcard SSLDomain + Business$250,000 USD$275.00/yr.Details
Gandi Pro Wildcard SSLDomain + BusinessUp to $250,000 USD$340.00/yr.Details
GoDaddy Deluxe Wildcard SSLDomain + Business$1,000,000 USD$343.99/yr.Details
Comodo InstantSSL OV WildcardDomain + BusinessUp to $250,000 USD$472.00/yr.Details
Network Solutions Wildcard SSLDomain + Business$1,000,000 USD$579.00/yr.Details
Entrust Wildcard SSLDomain + Business$10,000 USD$608.13/yr.Details
DigiCert Wildcard SSLDomain + Business$1,000,000 USD$653.00/yr.Details
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard SSLDomain + Business$1,250,000 USD$653.50/yr.Details
Thawte SSL Web Server WildcardDomain + Business$1,250,000 USD$653.50/yr.Details
Comodo SSL OV WildcardDomain + Business$250,000 USD$799.00/yr.Details
GlobalSign OrganizationSSL WildcardDomain + Business$1,250,000 USD$854.00/yr.Details
Sectigo OV Wildcard SSLDomain + Business$1,000,000 USD$947.00/yr.Details
Symantec Secure Site Wildcard SSLDomain + Business$1,500,000 USD$1797.50/yr.Details

How To Choose The Best OV Wildcard Certificate?

Now, a question in your mind will pop-up about the cost of Wildcard SSL certificate. Certainly, there are many providers offer low-cost wildcard SSL certificate with a diversified portfolio. In order to get wildcard certificate, you do not need to go anywhere as you will have best wildcard certificate as per your business requirement at the single place on this page from the huge list of the wildcard SSL providers.

However, many providers offer multi-level subdomain wildcard SSL too that protects multiple domains with their unlimited subdomains. Either your business requires multi-level wildcard SSL certificate or a single level wildcard SSL, all you will find at the best price. So, get best OV (organization validation) wildcard SSL and start to secure your subdomains right now.

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