GoDaddy Wildcard SSL

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GoDaddy Wildcard SSL is the answer if anyone looking to secure the primary domain and its all level one associated subdomains. For example, certificate applied on * domain will secure,,, and so on. Large organizations with the number of subdomains should go for GoDaddy Wildcard SSL certificate as they do not have to purchase individual SSL for each subdomain. It significantly a cheaper option when you intend to cover all its related subdomains under the main domain. The strongest encryption can cover the primary domain and its first-level subdomains to allow secure communication between the server and the browser. Thus, customers quickly get assurance about website security with this type of certificate and websites will have more click-through conversions in the long run.

Features & Specification

Certificate Authority
Supported Algorithm SHA-2 Enabled
SEO Benefit Boosts Google Ranking
Validation Type Domain
Issuance Time Within 1 Day
CSR Encryption 2048-bit
SSL Encryption 256-bit
Domains Secured Unlimited Subdomains
SAN Support no
Free Site Seal yes
Server Licenses Unlimited
SSL Re-issuance Unlimited
Browser & Mobile compatibility 99%
Warranty $250,000 USD
Refund Policy 30 Days Money Back

Why To Choose GoDaddy Wildcard SSL?

Key features help to make the buying decision easy
www & non-www

WWW and non-WWW

Secures both version of main domain like & along with number of subdomains. No need to spend additional money for different version of main domain as a just domain name can work for both versions.
2048-bit encryption

2048-bit Encryption

RSA 2048-bit encryption standard binds online information between the browser & server from spying cyber culprits. Hence, the information of customers will remain safe and cyber thieves will stay away from the passing information.
cost effective


GoDaddy Wildcard Certificate is a cost-effective, secures unlimited subdomains without paying extra cost. You will have a cheaper wildcard compare to other brands which saves time to be spent after business validation.
unlimited security

Unlimited Security

No need to go for individual certificate that is hard to manage, instead go with GoDaddy Wildcard for subdomain security. It provides a single shelter & saves extra cost spending on various certificates to protect subdomains.


GoDaddy Standard Wildcard SSL is most compatible with mobile & web browsers that avoids SSL warnings. A seamless browser experience will enhance customers’ confidence to surf the site in-depth, chances are there for more sales.
unlimited servers

Unlimited Servers

The certificate can be installed on multiple server in case subdomains are distributed. You can access same wildcard product from different servers as well installation will be easy with expert customer support.