What are the Benefits of Wildcard SSL Certificate?

Key features help to make the buying decision easy
unlimited subdomains protection

Secured Unlimited Subdomains

Wildcard Cert is securing a website & an unlimited number of its first-level subdomains in a single certificate price. For example, *.example.com can secure sub1.example.com, sub2.example.com. No need to buy separate SSL.
strongest encryption

Strongest Encryption

With the rising demand for stronger security, it is equipped with 2048-bit CSR encryption to keep online data secure. Now, customers’ data security is no more a concern for website holders with the help of wildcard SSL cert.
browser compatibility

Browser Compatibility

Wildcard certs are trusted by all browsers, os & servers whether you browse on desktop or mobile. It means there is no need to worry about SSL compatibility issue and users will have a seamless browsing experience.
easy to manage

Easy To Manage

Get Wildcard certificate for subdomains that offers streamlined certificate management during the certificate lifecycle. Get freedom from remembering different expiry dates of each subdomain with wildcard certs.
free site seal

Free Site Seal

For additional assurance, a free site seal comes with a certificate that can win the confidence of visitors and customers. A site seal on a website assures about potential sales growth of a business in the long run.
unlimited server license

Unlimited Server License

The certificate can be installed on different servers without charging extra money even subdomains are on different servers. You can run the same cert on both servers parallel even though they are hosted on different locations.

How Does Wildcard SSL Work?

When you hear of wildcard SSL cert you probably ponder over the hectic task of managing multiple subdomains. However, with the ever-changing technology and updated algorithms, a Wildcard certificate is now an easy to go SSL certificate that can secure unlimited first-level subdomains with a single primary domain.

Thus, if you have a website which has many numbers of sub-domains, wildcard cert is the best choice to secure them all with a single certificate.

Here first level sub-domains mean that when you buy Wildcard cert for *.example.com, you can secure subdomains like:

  • sub1.example.com
  • sub2.example.com
  • sub3.example.com

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Why YouShould Buy AWILDCARD SSL?

Robust security for multiple subdomains.

Compare Wildcard SSLs

cost effective

Cost Effective

Save money by managing subdomains’ security with a single Wildcard Certificate.

dual validation

Dual Validation

Validate the identity of your business along with Domain Validation using OV Wildcard SSL.

san support

SAN Support

Get an additional benefit of SAN support for multi-level domain protection.


Assured Warranty

In case of any mis-issuance of the certificate additional protection is provided.


Domain Validated (DV)
Wildcard SSL
Organization Validated (OV)
Wildcard SSL
Validation Domain Only Domain + Basic Business
Warranty Up to $500,000 Up to $1,500,000
Issuance Time Up to 1 Business Day 2 – 5 Business Days
Documents Required no yes
Organization Name In Certificate no yes
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What is a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

A wildcard SSL certificate is a single SSL certificate that can secure multiple subdomains about the same primary domain. Wildcard certificates have an asterisk key notation coming before the domain name. For instance, a wildcard SSL certificate for *.domain (primary domain) will extend encryption to all first level of subdomains, such as blog.domain.com, mail.domain.com, payment.domain.com, etc.

Can we install wildcard SSL on another domain?

No. A wildcard SSL certificate only applies to a single domain and all subdomains under the main domain. If the need to secure another domain arises, you will have to acquire a new wildcard SSL certificate. Alternatively, consider using a multi-domain wildcard SSL certificate which is an ideal way to secure multiple domains and all subdomains falling under them.

Why is Wildcardsslcertificate.com the best option for a domain and its subdomain?

Wildcards SSL certificates from Wildcardsslcertificate.com offer many benefits. The certificate will save your money since you do not have to buy multiple certificates for all your subdomains. You also receive dual validation through EV and OV wildcard certificates. The certificates are known for strong browser compatibility, robust encryption, ease of certificate management, free site seals, and unlimited server license. You also get additional benefits if you buy from them. You will have incredible discounts and a variety of wildcard certificates from different brands.

Do I Need a Wildcard Certificate for Subdomain?

Yes. It would be a great idea to get a wildcard certificate, even if you only have a single domain and subdomain. Wildcard SSL certificate allows you to include additional subdomains in the future. So you do not have to purchase another certificate for a fresh subdomain on your site since the initial wildcard certificate will do the job for you. Moreover, there is no need of renewing current wildcard in case of adding subdomains in future.

How many brands offer wildcard SSL certificates?

There are several brands offering wildcard certificates. More and more brands also include wildcard certificates in their package. At Wildcardsslcertificate.com, you will many branded wildcard certificates from over twenty-five brands. Some popular brands include Symantec, GeoTrust, Comodo, DigiCert, Thawte, GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and many more.

How to check if my SSL is a wildcard or not?

You can follow the following steps to check whether or not the SSL certificate on your website is a wildcard:

  • Navigate to the top left corner of your website and click on the padlock symbol located next to the address bar.
  • Click on the certificate tab
  • Pay a keen eye on the “issued to” field and see whether it has *.domain.com.”
  • If it has, then your website has a wildcard SSL certificate.

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