OV Wildcard SSL Certificates

OV Wildcard SSL certificates are a boon for enterprises that shower benefit of unlimited protection of subdomains while improving customers’ trust and credibility. Business validation SSL is used by eCommerce, financial, and banking sites where numerous subdomains fall under the main domain. To get OV Wildcard SSL, an SSL requester needs to submit business-related documents and physical and operational proof to the certificate authority. After verification is completed, the certificate authority issues a certificate.

Organization Validation Wildcard SSL Providers

Brand Name Product Name Validation Warranty Price More Details
SSL.com Wildcard Certificate Domain + Business $1,250,000 USD $224.25/yr. Details
Thawte SSL Web Server Wildcard Domain + Business $1,250,000 USD $268.00/yr. Details
DigiCert Wildcard SSL Domain + Business $1,000,000 USD $289.00/yr. Details
Gandi Pro Wildcard SSL Domain + Business Up to $250,000 USD $340.00/yr. Details
GoDaddy Deluxe Wildcard SSL Domain + Business $1,000,000 USD $343.99/yr. Details
Network Solutions Wildcard SSL Domain + Business $1,000,000 USD $384.89/yr. Details
Register.com Wildcard SSL Domain + Business $250,000 USD $384.89/yr. Details
Symantec Secure Site Wildcard SSL Domain + Business $1,500,000 USD $448.00/yr. Details
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard SSL Domain + Business $1,250,000 USD $653.50/yr. Details
Entrust Wildcard SSL Domain + Business $10,000 USD $659.00/yr. Details
Comodo SSL OV Wildcard Domain + Business $250,000 USD $799.00/yr. Details
GlobalSign OrganizationSSL Wildcard Domain + Business $1,250,000 USD $854.00/yr. Details
Sectigo OV Wildcard SSL Domain + Business $1,000,000 USD $947.00/yr. Details
Comodo InstantSSL OV Wildcard Domain + Business Up to $250,000 USD $999.00/yr. Details

How Does OV Wildcard SSL Works?

Suppose a site is running on mydomain.com and subdomains then, OV wildcard will secure them as shown below.

*.mydomain.com – Primary Domain

  • blog.mydomain.com – subdomain
  • payment.mydomain.com – subdomain
  • mail.mydomain.com – subdomain
  • domain1.mydomain.com – subdomain

In above example, an SSL requestor can add unlimited first level of subdomains related to main domain. The certificate will be issued on *.mydomain.com and renewed after it reaches its expiry date. There is no need to renew each subdomain every time. When a user access main domain or subdomains, the browser will not show any warning and work smoothly.

Benefits of OV Wildcard SSL:

OV wildcard SSL comes with many benefits that are as follows.

  • Easy certificate management:

OV wildcard SSL comes with easy certificate management that frees admins to manage individual subdomain. A single renewal of a certificate can renew all associated subdomains. So, there no need to remember different expiry.

  • Unlimited Subdomains’ Security:

Each subdomain a site owner adds to the certificate will have strong security. Therefore, there is no need to purchase individual certificate for each subdomain.

  • Single Payment and cost saving:

OV wildcard SSL offers unlimited subdomains’ security so, a single payment is enough to buy OV wildcard SSL certificate. No need to spend extra money for individual subdomain.

  • Business Validation:

A strong validation is required to issue OV wildcard SSL certificate. The CA (Certificate authority) checks business registration proof, physical operation status and verify the address via phone call. After verification, the CA issues a certificate.

  • Unlimited Server Licenses:

OV wildcard SSL certificate can be installed on multiple servers. Thus, you can secure different servers with this certificate. You can reissue the certificate and install the same certificate on desired servers.


What is an OV wildcard SSL certificate?

OV wildcard SSL certificate is a single security solution that can secure the main domain using an asterisk (*) and its first level of subdomains. In this certificate, the authority checks business registration details and proves its domain ownership before issuing it.

Are OV SSL certificates worth it?

If a website owner wants to secure main domain and different first level of subdomains then this OV wildcard SSL is helpful. Moreover, a user can check the authenticity of a website in ‘General’ tab in browser where certificate information is listed.

How does OV Wildcard SSL Influence your business/organization?

OV wildcard SSL puts you higher than your rival as the certificate authority here, verifies business identity. A strong authentication along with higher encryption enhances users’ trust, which brings more visitors to your website.

What are DV OV and EV SSL certificates?

Domain Validation: Domain Validation certificate only proves domain ownership and authenticates it via email, file based, CNAME validation method. The certificate authority does not check any business related documents. The certificate can be issued within few minutes.

Organization Validation: Organization Validation certificate in which the CA checks for business registration details. The certificate takes 3-5 days in issuance. It establishes business identity and ensures customers that the website is authenticate.

Extended Validation: Extended Validation is a higher-level validation in which the certificates undertakes domain ownership, business registration proof and telephone verification. Customers find it reliable site as the CA has thoroughly checked the business identity.

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