Wildcard Certificate
$224.25/yr. Go to Store Wildcard certificate helps you to secure multiple subdomains without spending an extra penny on the individual purchase of the SSL certificate. A Wildcard SSL certificate from will protect the first level of subdomains of a primary domain. You will get simplified management as well as the highest validation and additional trust level. You will also get protection for both versions of the domain (www & non-www). The encryption strength makes the data transfer more secure than it was ever before. If we see from the compatibility perspective, this certificate provides 99% compatibility with almost all browsers, operating systems, and servers. Your customers won’t face any warning or browser mismatch error and will enjoy a seamless browsing experience.

Features & Specification

Certificate Authority
Supported Algorithm SHA-2 Enabled
SEO Benefit Boosts Google Ranking
Validation Type Domain + Business
Issuance Time 1 to 2 Business Days
CSR Encryption 2048-bit
SSL Encryption 256-bit
Domains Secured Unlimited Subdomains
SAN Support no
Free Site Seal yes
Server Licenses Unlimited
SSL Re-issuance Unlimited
Browser & Mobile compatibility 99%
Warranty $1,250,000 USD
Refund Policy 30 Days Money Back

Why To Choose?

Key features help to make the buying decision easy
2048/4096-bit encryption

2048-bit Encryption

Your website will have a strong 2048-bit RSA key advantage to make encoding hard keeping intruders away. Your website will also have modern algorithm which will provide an easy and better user experience to your customers.
google ranking

Google Ranking

You will get a boost on Google Ranking which will also help and improve in search ranking for your website. Better ranking in google search engine will result in attracting high traffic and ultimately higher clicks on the website.
relying party warranty

Relying Party Warranty prioritizes customers’ security and in case of any mis-issuance the relying party will have the warranty benefit. It shows that the company or the business owner is conscious about their customers’ data privacy & security.
browser compatibility

Browser Compatibility

Wildcard certificate from provides the highest compatibility for browsers, operating systems and servers without any SSL errors so your customers won’t receive any SSL warnings and they can browse the domain seamlessly.
secure site seal

Secure Site Seal

You can boost the trust of your customers’ quickly as your website will get trusted site seal which will enhance the credibility of your website’s reputation and motivate them to transact in a secure environment.
unconditional refund

Unconditional Refund will provide flat refund if you are not satisfied with the certificate within 30 days without any hesitation which also represents the transparency policy from the certificate authority towards its customers.