Sectigo Wildcard SSL Certificate

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Sectigo is one of the popular brands in SSL industry and Sectigo Wildcard SSL being a widely accepted certificate able to secure unlimited subdomains. It is issued to * can secure first-level subdomains like, It is a domain validation certificate that can be issued in a few minutes. The certificate supports updated algorithms like 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit RSA encryption to cover all subdomains, including the primary domain. As a result, customers will have a secure environment over the web, and their information will not be exposed to the third party. However, you cannot secure second-level subdomains with this kind of a certificate like *.* Unlimited reissuance, unlimited server licenses, money-back guarantee are few great features of this certificate.

Features & Specification

Certificate Authority
Supported Algorithm SHA-2 Enabled
SEO Benefit Boosts Google Ranking
Validation Type Domain
Issuance Time 5 Minutes
CSR Encryption 2048-bit
SSL Encryption Up to 256-bit
Domains Secured Unlimited Subdomains
SAN Support no
Free Site Seal yes
Server Licenses Unlimited
SSL Re-issuance Unlimited During Certificate Lifespan
Browser & Mobile compatibility 99.9%
Warranty $500,000 USD
Refund Policy 30 Days Money Back

Why To Choose Sectigo Wildcard SSL?

Key features help to make the buying decision easy
quick issuance

Quick Issuance

Sectigo issues Wildcard certificate in few minutes thus, people will not have to wait long. No need to submit business related papers for further verification hence, site holders can install the certificate on servers instantly.
ecc encryption

ECC Encryption

Sectigo offers an option of ECC encryption that is the latest algorithm. It is more reliable and tough to break. Due to small size compare to SHA-2, it improves the performance of security level provided by the wildcard certificate.

Higher Warranty

Sectigo providing warranty amount of $500,000 in case of mis-issuance of a certificate. It will boost customers’ confidence when they realize that they are getting dual protection including strong encryption & monetary benefit.
browser compatibility

Browser Compatibility

Compatible with browsers, OS & servers, website will shine with a green padlock without compatibility issue. Even, customers will mark such site as protected website and would like to visit it in near future also.
unlimited subdomains

Unlimited Subdomains

Sectigo wildcard certificate secures all one level subdomains under the main domain. With this single certificate, there is no need for buying and maintaining separate subdomains which saves money and time.
free unlimited server licensing

Free Unlimited Server Licensing

Certificate allows to install same SSL on number of servers without paying any extra cost. Large enterprises would easily attract & buy Sectigo wildcard SSL due to free server licensing feature as they may have remote servers.