Comodo Wildcard SSL Vs GoDaddy Wildcard SSL

Comodo and GoDaddy. If you are a webmaster or a website owner, you cannot have missed noticing these names. They are heavy-weight brands of their own in the web world. Comodo’s red logo with slightly slanting text in a capital case is easily recognized by users worldwide. GoDaddy’s stark green color with the nerd figurine is also equally popular.

However, both authorities carry wildcard SSL certificate, Comodo Wildcard SSL & Godaddy Wildcard SSL that can secure unlimited subdomains. Let’s say if you want to buy a Wildcard SSL certificate then the best options in front of you are Comodo Wildcard SSL and GoDaddy Wildcard SSL. Which one should you opt for?

Both brands are equally good at what they do. But there are slight differences between Comodo Wildcard SSL and Godaddy Wildcard SSL that can make a difference to your buying decision.

Those differences are what we want to bring to light for you in the post Comodo Wildcard SSL Vs GoDaddy Wildcard SSL. We are going to dissect each brand and what makes their Wildcard SSL certificates feel better. It will help you make an informed decision.

Comodo Wildcard SSL Vs GoDaddy Wildcard SSL

Certificate Authority
Product Name Comodo Wildcard SSL GoDaddy Wildcard SSL
1 Year Price $449.00 $369.99
2 Years Price $393.00/yr. $295.99/yr.
Supported Algorithm SHA-2 Enabled SHA-2 Enabled
SEO Benefit Boost Google rankings Boost Google rankings
Validation Type Domain Validation Domain Validation
Issuance Time Within a few minutes Within 1 day
CSR Encryption 2048-bit 2048-bit
SSL Encryption 256-bit 256-bit
Domains Secured Unlimited subdomains Unlimited subdomains
SAN Support no no
Free Site Seal yes yes
Server Licenses unlimited unlimited
SSL Re-issuance unlimited during certificate lifespan unlimited
Browser & Mobile compatibility 99.90% 99.00%
Warranty $250,000 USD $250,000 USD
Refund Policy 30 Day money back 30 Day money back
Details Details

All Good Things About Comodo Wildcard SSL

If you are someone who counts experience to be a worthy trait for decision-making, then Comodo is a good bet. It was founded way back in 1998, when web browsers were few and internet was run largely on dial-up connections.

Here are some factors that we see that makes Comodo a worthy choice:

  • Price Advantage – While running a business on a shoestring budget, every penny count. Even when it comes to something sophisticated like an SSL security, pricing can be a decision-maker. That said, Comodo is the cheapest SSL certificate provider in the whole market. You can get Comodo Wildcard SSL certificates for as low as $417/yr.
  • Choices For All – Startup? Freelancer? Blogger? Enterprise? No matter which persona you fit into, Comodo offers Wildcard SSL certificates for all. You don’t have to worry about buying something that does not fit your budget or is short on features for your requirements.
  • Customer Support – When things go wrong, you can always count on their customer support to put you back on your feet.
  • Validation – Comodo Wildcard carries domain validation that can be issued within few minutes and requires no documents except just domain validation. Due to the fast validation process, it is most popular among enterprises.
  • Encryption – The certificate comes with modern standard encryption and strong private key length that keeps your data bind with robust security and keeps the third party away from data sniffing.
  • Branding – Comodo being a number one brand among certificate authorities creates a brand identity in front of visitors and customers. When visitors see Comodo wildcard issued from Comodo CA, they can easily get confidence for online transactions.

All Good Things About GoDaddy Wildcard SSL

GoDaddy dons two hats. One, it is a Certificate Authority. Two, it is also a hosting services provider. That gives it a competitive edge over Comodo.

Here is why.

  • Hosting + Security – Imagine you are launching a website for the first time. You need website hosting services as well as an SSL certificate to secure it. GoDaddy offers both of it under the same roof. That makes things easier. You must deal with only one party. In our opinion, that saves a lot of time and energy when you want support with either of these.
  • Warranty Amount – Warranty amount is the consideration that the Certificate Authority offers to provide when something goes wrong with your web security. GoDaddy offers a generous $250,000 warranty amount, higher than Comodo.
  • Validation – GoDaddy Wildcard comes with both domain and organization validation types. In Business validation, there is an additional requirement to be asked from SSL applicant to prevent spoofing and hijacking. Otherwise, one can go with domain validation type with GoDaddy wildcard SSL that can take few minutes in issuance.
  • Support – Like Comodo, you would find customer-centric support from GoDaddy, you can call on (480) 463-8380 for a quick resolution. Customer can find their SSL issues on the immediate base with fabulous customer support.
  • Compatibility – GoDaddy Wildcard SSL is almost supporting OS, servers, and browsers so there would be no issue of incompatibility issue when SSL loads along with your domain name on browsers. Users will find a smooth experience while surfing your website.

Which Should be Your Choice?

Comodo and GoDaddy are both equally deserving choices to buy a Wildcard SSL certificate. The final choice you should make depends on two things – cost and brand. If you are short on budget then you can go with Comodo wildcard SSL on the contrary, if you are brand savvy and want to spend a little bit extra then, GoDaddy wildcard SSL is an ideal choice.

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